Tales of Ryh'na

It's all in the Numbers

Numbers are magical creatures. They bring joy and sadness; show advancement and retreat; and often serve as a universal language. One of the many things I love about numbers is the way they can be massaged and poked, prodded and twisted to form patterns and messages. Mother Nature herself weaves number patterns into many natural systems. And I know I am not alone in my love to find meaning in numbers. The fields of numerology and cryptology, among others, thrive with millions of designs encountered each day as people puzzle over possible relationships and hidden messages.

So, I like finding patterns (I think that is why I love a good conspiracy, ancient secret group story, they just swim in numbers, puzzles and patterns). Heck, even my abbreviated birthday follows a neat numeric pattern called a palindrome (I do love palindromes). And will I be playing with number patterns in my contributions to TofR – you betcha!

But, anyhoos, the reason for this little diatribe is that a really cool number pattern is coming up this month, a once in my lifetime pattern; the twelfth day in the twelfth month in the twelfth year of the century – 12/12/12

That number just looks so cool and is such a perfect number (not THE perfect number, which, depending on if you talk to a mathematician or a sci-fi geek, is either 42 or

So, what does one do when a really cool numeric pattern comes along? Why, celebrate of course. And that is just what I intend to do, and, I think TofR just might be doing a little something on that special day too. Come back on that day and take a peek.

PS – for a mega convergence, I plan on celebrating at 12:12A.M. on 12/12/12 – holy cosmic number alignment Batman...

Tales of Ryh'na

How TofR Got Its Logo

I've been asked by a number of people, "Where did that logo come from?" Well, as the chairperson of the Graphics Committee, it's fallen to me to write this Behind the Scenes blog post to explain how the Tales of Ryh'na logo came about and what it represents.

There was actually quite a bit of discussion about what to have as a TofR logo. We knew it would have to be something that could be instantly recognizable, simple enough in design to be easily replicated for future marketing opportunities (t-shirts, mugs, etc.), and to convey the essence of TofR.

The yin-yang symbol seems to have such a wide appeal, and it struck an immediate chord with the graphics committee. It's simplicity so elegantly represents dichotomy and balance. And so it became the base for our logo. Beyond that, we needed something that would represent the dichotomy of magic and technology and their struggle for balance in one world.

So, how to represent the magical Ryh'nans and the technologically-advanced Humans?

Dragons, or frahons as they are called by the Ryh'nans, are so recognizable and associated with the fantasy genre that it seemed logical to use one to represent the magical and fantastical part of our story world. (The fact that I happen to love dragons may or may not have had anything to do with that decision.)

That left finding something to represent the technology of the Humans. Even though these Humans are the futuristic sci-fi part of our story world, we still needed something that would be easily recognizable to our audience as technology. To that end we chose the image of a circuit board.

So, there you have it. A yin-yang of a dragon and a circuit board, of magic and technology, of fantasy and science fiction. The logo of Tales of Ryh'na.

- Carson D. Fletcher

Tales of Ryh'na

Behind the Scenes -- An Introduction

Behind the Scenes serves as a chance for you to peek behind the curtain and see what is brewing in the story world kitchen. This series is a way to meet those working on this awesome project and to find out just what it takes to put something like Tales of Ryh'na together.

For our inaugural voyage I thought I’d take you to our gym. Yes, all members of the shared story world are given a free membership to our virtual gym as one of the many perks our creators receive. Do I have your curiosity piqued as to what exactly is a virtual gym? It’s not a videogame; it’s not Second Life or some other Sim world (although we do intend to extend the story world into the virtual realm).


Okay, actually there is no virtual gym. I just wanted to make up something awesome, cool, and techno-glamorous to promote the launch of Behind the Scenes. And now, just as the Hindenburg and Titanic enjoyed that fatal swan dive onto the list of historic crashes, so too is my virtual gym idea. But, even if I can’t show you a virtual gym, there is much for you to see and explore at TofR. We are looking forward to showing you around, giving you inside information, and chatting about how we built this story world on rock and roll (well, not really the rock and roll part, I just like that song). Actually, I do enjoy hiding little Easter eggs and tributes in much of what I create, and I hope you will enjoy finding them. Another fun piece to this series will be when we take a look at the trivia and hidden bonus material scattered throughout the story world. So, keep checking back so you can join in the fun.

As a final note, if you have a question about something in the story world or if you are curious about how we did something, please ask! You can leave comments here, at our blog, e-mail, or reach out through any of our social media outlets http://talesofryhna.blogspot.com/p/everything-tor.html

All right! Off to do a few laps in our pool. Take care, and I'll see you in TofR.

Tales of Ryh'na

Why do we need beta readers? Jazwriter's thoughts

Why do we need beta readers?

Well, in order to answer that question, I should probably attempt to explain what a beta reader is. Betas are editors for fictional stories, particularly fan fiction, although the term's usage has spread to the novelist realm. The word "beta" was borrowed from the software industry, where it is used to signify when new products are put through their paces to find and eliminate any problems with new products. That testing time enables the software creators, and nowadays the authors, to know what needs to be changed or improved. 

Betas agree to fill a very important and necessary role. They review a story for any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. In addition, the beta may also make suggestions regarding plot continuity, characterizations, narration, word choice, word meaning, sentence construction, logical thoughts, verb tense, point of view, pacing, and canon.  Of course, some writers do not desire that level of review, nor do all betas wish to expend so much time and effort. It really depends on how sophisticated the writer is: the level of technical mastery, storyteller craft, and complexity of the work.

After spending quite a bit of time and effort betaing a story, I have become rather discouraged at times with writers who have chosen to not apply my suggested edits. A writer should not ask a beta to spend time and effort on a story if he/she does not intend to take all suggestions seriously. At the very least, a writer should present a polished story to everyone. That means the story must be as error-free as possible regarding punctuation, spelling, and grammar. A beta can help a writer reach such a goal. As for the more complex areas such as point of view, continuity, and adherence to established canon, just to name a few areas, that is up to the writer, although certainly a writer might at least review and think about all comments received by the beta relating to those areas.

That is not to claim that all comments submitted by a beta are correct. Betas are as fallible as the writers. Finding good betas is extremely important. Once you find one or more betas who know what they are doing, treat them well! Candy, flowers, effusive thanks—let them know how much you appreciate them.

Over the years, I have used the services of many betas. It became apparent to me rather quickly that different betas have different specialties. Some are grammar or punctuation experts. Others are very well-versed in particular fandoms. And then there are those who can see the overall arc of a story and provide invaluable feedback on plot direction, continuity, and characterizations. Currently, I use the services of about four betas on each piece of writing I create. They all review the writings differently, reacting to them in unique, helpful ways. I am extremely grateful to have found them. Similarly, I provide beta services for about a half dozen writers. For some I will provide technical support, while other writers ask me for help regarding the direction of a story. Regardless of the betaing services requested, I always focus on helping the writer showcase the story in the best way possible.

Every writer should use a beta before posting or publishing a story. I cannot tell you how many times I have been thrown out of a story due to inconsistencies, misspellings, or word choice errors. Nor is it easy to continue reading a story when a writer has a character say things that are clearly out of character. A beta can catch common errors and provide guidance for the storyline. Also, since most story forums have lists of people willing to provide beta services, no writer has any reason to forego such invaluable help.

And remember to thank your beta at the beginning of your story when you do post the new and improved version. Your kind words are the only payment a beta receives.


Tales of Ryh'na


It's that time of year again. Planning is in full force for this
year's International Day of Femslash and FemSlashCon, July 14-15th,
with an array of new and exciting events, such as Femslash Radio, an
IDF ARG, a bumper Audio-fic Library, and more challenges and ficathons
than you can shake a stick at, also scheduled for the weekend.

Once again we need your help to determine which fandoms get their own
panel at the convention or show on Femslash Radio. Use the link below
to access the Fandom Poll and choose your top fandoms. You can choose
up to ten (10). Polling will be open until May 4th so get your votes
in now!


We look forwarding to seeing you at FemSlashCon this year.

Tales of Ryh'na

The Concept and the Team behind it...

Create a Shared Story World (SSW), a brand-new universe with a detailed "canon" background, and make it available to anyone who wishes to play in it -- to write stories, make videos, draw art, etc.

Ours is not the only SSW out there, but it is the first femslash SSW. It's called Tales of Ryh'na. It merges science fiction and magic as space age colonists clash with the native population of a new planet.

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Tales of Ryh'na

The Story...

The Earth is dying.

Mankind is on the brink of extinction.

Amidst the fear and desperation a single idea captures the hopes and dreams of an entire population: to colonize a new planet and call it home. The entire world bands together to build ships capable of traveling to the far reaches of the universe.

Fleets spread out across the universe like pollen on the wind.

As the years pass and new generations are born the hope of finding a suitable planet dwindles until they are nothing but a distant dream.

Until they discover Ryh'na.

Ryh'na is abundant with life.

Its people are in harmony with their planet.

They appear to be a less evolved civilization.

But the Ryh are an enigma with skills that negate technology.

Bonded to a living stone, they wield magic as simply as humans breathe.

And they don't welcome the magic-challenged humans that explode into their lives.

Colonization or invasion? Can the people of Earth and Ryh'na ever coexist or will they destroy each other trying?

Join the Tales of Ryh'na to find out.